Makeup Starter kit For Beginners

Hey Dolls!

I did a video telling you what makeup tools and products you need to start your makeup collection. Some of you kept on asking what do you need to start doing your own makeup in the video its NOT about how to do your makeup I'm telling you what you need to start. Most of the times we go into a beauty store and practically turn fool because we see so much pretty and affordable items that we would like and end purchasing what we don't want that's exactly what happened to me when i was starting out and then  I just sat my self down and think about my features and what ill like to correct. 

So I thought I needed 
 Brushes/ Beauty Blender
 Eyeshadow Palettes
 Setting spray
 Blush Palette
 Eyeliner pencils 
 Lipsticks,Lip gloss, Lip pencils
Moisturizer and Primer. Great makeup begins with great skincare.

In summation I was a bit nervous in the video because I'm still learning how to be a youtuber because ill always be a blogger first. so bare with me I was rambling all over the place lol but I still cover some points. Thank you for reading ♥

P.s Please check out my last post about my clothing line announcement really need all the support I could get ♥ CLOTHING LINE

Xo Nique ♥

Clothing line announcement || WHATSMODE

Hey Dolls

Ive been contacted by Whatsmode back in January asking if ill be interested in designing and selling clothes, I was shook by this because I always wanted to design my clothes and get my name out there. however, I was so afraid of the fashion world I thought that people would consider my designs junk and I would be hated. I watched some videos and read some inspirational and motivational articles and I pretty much got it in my head to say " Never say you cant if you never try" and that's what I'm working with today.

I told whatsmode yes! I will do this collaboration. Whatsmode is a company that helps young fashion designers to get there work out there. I really think I could turn this into something only by your help I was thinking to give a percentage to a children hospital in Jamaica I'm not sure which one as yet because I just got the confirmation from whatsmode that the store is ready.

So none of these clothes were designed by me I just choose the clothing that I wear which I also think you'll wear. My design clothing will start to be made when you guys choose from this chart, Team work make the dream work!
Now all I need you to do is:

1) Each line corresponds to a category 
2) Each person chooses a letter from each line:
The 1st row contains a consonant.
The 2nd row contains a vowel.
The 3rd row contains a consonant.
This will make a 3-letter word - "DOG, FUN, WAP, BLY, FLY ...."
3) You guys should write your choice in the comment section below: 
4) Based on this combo, whatsmode Fashion Team will be able to select fantastic new styles and designs for you.

Please help me to make this work! I'll give you guys updates ♥

REVIEW: Marc Jacobs Beauty Coconut Dew Drop Highlighter

 Hey Dolls

The Coconut Dew Drop Highlighter dew any of you guys own this? Get it lol I just recently received this complimentary bad boy from Influenster and I really like it. Lets dive right into the Review, when I got this I was stunted the packaging is really amazing this is my second Marc Jacob product that I own because we all know Marc Jacobs products are real expensive lol. And I own two I'm very much happy to own high end items ♥ Thank you Influenster and Marc Jacobs ♥

DIY Off-Shoulder Top

Hey Loves!

For the first time ever I've made a top and wore it I feel so good. I tried multiple times to redesign my clothes but always fail. So I took it upon my self to try and create an Off-Shoulder Top that I've seen all the girls wearing on social media. Theirs are purchased ones you can get on any online store but why go out and buy a $20 blouse when you can make it yourself for $5-10. No sewing machine needed.


Hey Dolls!

 I jus recently did a video on my Youtube Channel with my infamous OUTRE Purple Pack Human Hair BIG Beautiful Hair Weave 4C-COILY I'm inlove with this wig I wear it everywhere. These hairstyles is if youre in a hurry and your hair looks ragidy you can always throw on the wig and do some of these quick styles!

Hask Greek Yogurt Repairing Blueberry & Acai

Hey dolls

I finally got my hair products from Hask. I'm so happy I haven't washed my hair for 3 weeks and couple days so it was dirty. I always wash my hair every week but I hold out just to use these products. Back story on Hask they're a hair product company which sells Shampoos, conditioners, deep conditioners and oils for all hair types. I received the Repairing Blueberry & Açaí Collection.

How to Dutch Braid with Noir Afrotwist braid || Protective Style

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I recently did a protective style on my Youtube channel. Are you familiar with the term dutch braids? If not dutch braids are regular corn rows with a fancy name lol French braids are inside corn rows (in Jamaica we say cane rows lol it works hand in hand for us). This is a long overdue request from a lot of Neena's friends at school they really wanted to know how Neena achieved those amazingly long neat braids and well Neena does the braids in her hair for herself but this time she did on me to demonstrate you all can try this yourself its pretty easy if you pay attention to the steps thats shown in the video below!

Products Used:
- 1 pack Noir Afrotwist Braid
- Eco Styler Gel "Coconut Oil"
- Bristle Brush
- Tail Comb
- Size 10 Crochet thread

If you learned and enjoyed the Video please Like and Subscribe! Also dont forget to comment your thoughts. Should we make more videos like this? Please give us some suggestions on what videos you'll like to see! Thank you for watching!

Xo Nique ♥

Get fashionable this Summer with StyleWe

Hey Dolls

You all know summer is coming and we got to look great! Im collaborating with StyleWe today to give you guys some insight on their clothing and company. StyleWe is an online clothing store with independent fashion designers from around the world. How great is that? You get to wear fashion designer clothing. However, Stylewe website is very user-friendly you can click on over there and get whatever you need, Their located in china but have persons in New York managing over things, social media etc. They do ship internationally.

Natural glam on a budget || Drugstore Makeup look

Hey loves!

Neena and I finally decided to start Youtube! (Yassssss lol) This is not our first video its actually the second. I did a makeup look the last time and you guys asked if i could do a video to demonstrate well your dreams have come through im going to start videoing myself doing the looks I post on here.

Marc Jacobs Matte Gel Highliner || Influenster

Hello Dolls! 

Ive gotten another voxbox by Influenster, I was so excited about this because I dont own no Marc Jacobs beauty products and well now I do im so grateful for the little things that has been happening to me for the past year. August coming going to be three years of being a blogger and I've never felt so good about myself this makes me want to cry but im not going to thank you all for being apart of my journey. I love you guys ♥

Your own at home facial Spa with Derma-E

Hey Dolls ♥

Lets have a fun facial spa day at home, I'm sure you would loved to remove those annoying acne spots once and for all. I know I do! If you wear makeup alot and change foundation frequently and you see spots coming up these facial masks got you cover boo! I got these scrubs from Derma-E to do a review for you guys and im living for these products.

Peachy Orange Makeup look


Whitening Lightning Dial A Smile Teeth Whitening Kit Pen Combo || Gerard Cosmetics

Hey Dolls ❤

I'm getting my teeth whitening at home so it was a struggle to find any recent update on these kits online. I went in deep search and found one girl but it was in about march 2016 I wanted to get more information on it before I went in and purchase. So these kits are 75% off sales like that's hilarious I could not let that Christmas Sale miss me at all! I bought the Dial A Smile Teeth whitening kit and teeth whitening combo the official price for this is $115 and I got it for $28.75. I also bought The Hollywood Elite teeth whitening system with Refill whitening Kit $18 and $13. Capture a total about $60 for everything. Jackpot! 

Celebrity Prom Dresses and Wedding Dresses || Aisle Style

Hey Ladies!

Who's ready for Prom 2017 ? I love seeing celebrity inspired Prom dresses. I know I love the sound of a June Wedding! Today I decided to pick few dresses for you ladies from Aisle Style. Aisle Style  is Online retailer store that sells the most beautiful Prom dresses, wedding dresses, communion dresses, and dresses for special occasions at an affordable to high end prices. They do offer exchanges and returns on dresses within 3 days. Their Shipping and Preparation period is 3-7 Days that's fast! but you guys know its best to order two weeks in advance because the Prom season is a lot to deal with. If you need to know anything more about Aisle Style go here the site is very user-friendly.

Date Night Valentines Day Make Up Look with Green Yarn Locs

Hey Dolls ♥

Counting down these days of February I think you've been googling whats the best makeup look for Valentines Day. I know I do that, if you don't I guess your pretty much not a makeup lover. Honestly this look was not suppose to be a Valentines look but it fell right into place and I love how it came out. Valentines Day is a special Day for Lovers more so sharing this day with someone who is special to you. On February 14 many people exchange cards, candy, gifts or flowers with their special “valentine.” The day of romance we call Valentine's Day is named for a Christian martyr.


Hey 2Nbeauties! 

I've Finally Received my hair! I love it so much. I bought this hair on Ebonyline after watching My favourite Hair Reviewer on Youtube +Beige Ojai she is life y'all ♥ This is a very affordable bundle. Its available in half wig and bundles. Can I give you guys a joke