REVIEW: Maybelline Fit Me Foundation


The Maybelline Fit me Foundation one of the best and most used drugstore foundation in the beauty community. I have the Toffee Caramel 330 Matte Poreless Normal to Oily skin.

I am a Lottabody Brand Ambassador !!!

Hello Loves!

I got awesome news! I AM A BRAND AMBASSADOR FOR LOTTA BODY !! YASSSSSSS!! I am literally so happy about this who would have thought I would ever represent a company?? I mean I'm a blogger and I put myself out there but I wouldn't think a well organised company would even notice my little blog right here and its breath taken that they did. When I got the email I was stroked I start screaming and then my sister said it could be a scam because your blog is not really big for legendary company like that to notice you and to God be the glory it was for real thanks to my really amazing friend Shanice she was literally the first person I let read the email and I asked her what should reply and say to the marketing director because I really wanted this and I didn't want to came off harsh so I let her phrase my email and I got a reply back in 2-3 days by the company. I was literally off edge when they send me the contract to sign, I was like this is really happening I had to ask few influencer if this is really legit and they said Yes go for it! I read the contract keenly and signed!


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If you've seen my recent Instagram photos then you know how glowy I look ♥ this is literally how I do my makeup on summer days. Its a talk through just a quick makeup tutorial! Hope you enjoy & thanks for watching!

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